Photographer’s Pass

The Photographer’s Pass is at Php1,500 and will grant you access to the ramp in the morning when balloons lift off. These passes are limited and are on a first come first served basis. So get there early so you can secure your pass! Gates open at 4AM.

Here is the information on how to get a pass:
1. You must first have a General Admission ticket to enter the venue. You may purchase this at
2. Once you’re inside the venue, proceed to Info Booth where the Photo pass coordinator will be stationed.
3. Pay the Php1,500 payment and present a valid government-issued ID to the Photo Pass coordinator. You will be issued an ID and Photographer’s vest.
4 We will provide a photographer vest with a deposit of Php 500. The vest must be returned at the Media table, and your deposit will be returned to you.

IMPORTANT: To maintain safety in the launching area, we must keep the number of people there to a certain number only. Because of this, we’re selling very limited walk-in Photog Passes. This is on a first come, first served basis. You will need to bring at least one (1) valid ID to get a ramp pass.