Airplane Rides

Discovery Flights

Ride a Cessna! We are pleased to arrange introductory flights for those who want to experience flying in a small, light trainer aircraft.

The fun flight will last around 30 minutes airborne time and the ride package includes transport to and from the airstrip where you will be flying from. A minimum of 2 passengers may avail of this ride, and a maximum of 3 passengers may ride this type of aircraft.

Ride tickets are at US$ 150 per person per person. Please take note that ride tickets do not cover the PH₱ 500 entrance fee (General Admission). A separate entrance ticket must be purchased. 

Ride tickets are available at our online ticketing portal and at Fiesta Info Booth while supplies last. Payments are in cash.

Ticket holders must present a copy of their purchased ticket to the Aircraft Rides Booth onsite, at least two (2) hours prior to the flight for pre-flight briefing and other preparations.

Each participant will be asked for a copy of their e-Ticket and some form of government identification (Passport, Postal ID, Driver’s License, etc).

Each participant will be asked to sign a waiver in the presence of a witness before joining the flight.