Proposals & Pre-nup Shoots

Even love is in the air – literally – during the Weekend of Everything that Flies! The Balloon Fiesta almost always falls on the Valentine weekend, making it the perfect excuse and opportunity to spread the love. Proposals are almost expected, with at least 5 ‘Will you marry me?s’ every year, that we know of! From surprise on-ground tactics to free falling from the sky proposals, every strategy is romantic when done with love.


Planning to propose to the one you love during the Fiesta? You can do it after one of our rides or anywhere in the Fiesta grounds. Approach the Information Booth and we’ll do what we can to help you out! You can also email Raf via to let us know beforehand.

Pre-nup Shoots

You can take all the photos you want from the fiesta grounds, no problem. But for pre-nup shoots, you will want to take the most memorable and beautiful shots possible, which in our opinion are taken in time with the balloon flights. It won’t hurt to get close too!

A ramp pass will bring you closer to all the flying action. Book a Pre-nup Package now to make sure your photos are truly picture perfect.

The Pre-nup Package includes general admission ticket with ramp day pass access for 4 persons (For example: couple (2), photographer/videographer (1), and utility (1)). You may change the composition of your group, as long as the head count is four(4) people. Prenup shoot request shall be accommodated on Thursday, February 9 and Friday, February 10 only until further notice from PIHABF.

  • Arrive at the Fiesta early, around 4AM so you can scout the area, prepare your position, and touch base with our pre-nup shoot coordinator.
  • Make sure you already have your General Admission ticket.
  • Proceed to Info Booth inside the venue, near entrance gate.
  • Present your receipt for the shooting fee. The pre-nup coordinator will issue 4 ramp passes per group.
  • Proceed to Ramp/ Show line. Group can stay in the Ramp during balloon launch until allowable time and will be ask to leave the area after all the balloon flies out.

You may stay at the Ground area the whole day and take photos with other aircraft or automobile displays, or have kites in your background. Kite exhibitions are usually during the early afternoon. Guests fly kites all day.


  • Bringing of aerial drone is prohibited. Only drones with permits and clearance with the air traffic control tower are allowed.
  • Rides (like hot air balloon, skydiving, paragliding, etc.) may be coordinated with our rides staff. Payment for rides is not included in the package.


*Header photo used with permission from Mica Espiritu and Carl Arevalo. Photo by Strong and Rachel Photography.