Fiesta Activities

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta features a variety of sports aviation activities to give spectators all-out fun & entertainment. Watching from the ground is always a visual treat, but nothing beats trying some of the rides for yourself!



Aerobatic Exhibitions

Watch aerobatic pilots perform stirring flying maneuvers and choreographed routines that you will never see in normal flights.

Don’t miss aerobatic pilot Sean Clarke’s impressive routine aboard his Champion Decathlon!



Balloon Bursting

Balloon Bursting is one of the most anticipated events at the Fiesta. In an exciting demo of precision flying, pilots fly a light aircraft over the runway and attempt to burst small, helium-filled balloons released from the ground. Apart from entertaining the crowd, the activity enhances the pilot’s eye and hand coordination skill and sharpens his anticipation and use of aircraft controls.



Formation Flying

Formation flying is always an amazing sight for onlookers. For pilots, it helps train their airspeed control and situational awareness.


An unpowered aircraft, pilots fly gliders using naturally occurring currents of rising air. There are several methods in launching a glider: it can be through a towrope pulled by a powered aircraft; or a ground launch using a winch, a vehicle or a bungee.


utralights on flight

Microlight & Ultralight Flying

Microlight and ultralight aviation is the flying of 1-2 seat lightweight, fixed-wing aircraft, typically used in sports aviation. The sport, which is slowly growing in the country, is an economical way for non-professional pilots to take part in aviation.




Fly Market

The Fiesta Fly Market has something for everyone!

Enhance your festival experience with a big selection of food, refreshments, all kinds of merchandise, local goods, balloon fiesta souvenirs, and a lot more!
hot-air-balloon-flight-201602 Hot Air Ballooning
The highlight of the fiesta is always the hot air balloon flights, taking place every sunrise and sunset (weather permitting). Considered the oldest human-carrying flying technology, a hot air balloon consists of an envelope filled with heated air, and a gondola or basket, which carries passengers and a heat source. The heated air in the envelope has a lower density than the cold air outside, allowing the hot air balloon to fly.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Riding a hot air balloon is an exceptional way to fly, with its slow and steady movement, and the bird’s eye view it affords. It’s literally going where the winds take you – usually a small town, which you will never get to visit in any another way, and where kids are happily waiting to welcome you with a smile.

The Fiesta offers daily lifts every morning and (depending on wind conditions) afternoon, an opportunity that should not be missed. Get a chance to chat with pilots from all over the world and enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful scenery at least 2,000 ft. above the ground!

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Hot air balloon ride tickets must be purchased in advance through our online portal.  Ride ticket prices do not include entrance fees. A separate entrance ticket must be purchased as well.

Hare and Hound Competetion

In the Fiesta mornings, the hot air balloons have a Hare and Hound competition. The competition is named after the hunting event where hounds chase after a hare. In ballooning, the Hare, which is normally the host balloon, will take off and try to fly around in different altitudes to make it difficult for the Hound balloons to follow. The Hare balloon will drop a huge X marker, and this will be the target of the hound balloons. The hound balloons will be allowed to take off after two minutes and will try to chase the Hare balloon. The hound balloon to land closest to the target wins!



Night Glow

On the Saturday and Sunday Evenings of the Fiesta, the hot air balloons are burning together at night for a wonderful spectacle of lights!


4 W and balloon

Chase Crew & Off-Road Driving

As soon as the hot air balloons set off, the chase crew immediately follows, maintaining contact with the balloon, trying to keep it in sight until the it land lands. Their job is to help pack up the deflated balloon, and extract the pilot, passengers and equipment back to base.

Landing sites are often in remote locations – from rice fields to lahar-covered terrain – making the job an exciting road trip aboard an off-road 4×4 vehicle!




Paragliding is an adventure sport using a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft. The pilot, who sits on a suspended harness, launches the paraglider into the wind to gain height up to altitudes of a few thousand meters. Despite not using an engine, paraglider flights can last many hours and cover hundreds of kilometers.

The 20th PIHABF saw paragliders make history, after Twinz Acrobatic Paragliders Timothy and Anthony Green took off from a hot air balloon, 3,000 ft. up! Expect more explosive stunts from the Twinz in the next Balloon Fiesta!

Tandem Paragliding

Experience the excitement of flying high while enjoying unobstructed views through a tandem paragliding flight at the PIHABF! Using a modern paraglider specially made for carrying two persons; you can soar through the skies together with an experienced paraglider!

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Tandem paragliding tickets must be purchased in advance. Ride ticket prices do not include entrance fees. A separate entrance ticket must be purchased as well.

Powered Paragliding

Powered paragliding or paramotoring is the safest and cheapest way to have your own flying machine. In this form of ultralight aviation, a pilot carries a motor on his back, which gives him enough thrust to take off. It is becoming a popular sport worldwide, drawing many participants from overseas into the Fiesta.


Proposals & Pre-nup Shoots

Even love is in the air – literally – during the Weekend of Everything that Flies. The Balloon Fiesta almost always falls on the Valentine weekend, making it the perfect excuse and opportunity to spread the love. Proposals are almost expected, with at least 5 ‘Will you marry me?s’ every year, that we know of! From surprise on-ground tactics to free falling from the sky proposals, every strategy is romantic when done with love.

Pre-nuptial Shoots

You can take all the photos you want from the fiesta grounds, no problem. But for pre-nup shoots, you will want to take the most memorable and beautiful shots possible, which in our opinion are taken in time with the balloon flights. It won’t hurt to get close too!

A ramp pass will bring you closer to all the flying action. Book a Pre-nup Package now to make sure your photos are truly picture perfect. Email for bookings.

*The Pre-nup Package includes general admission ticket with ramp day pass access for 4 persons (couple (2), photographer/videographer (1), and utility (1).


PAF rescue

Search & Rescue Flight Demonstrations

Partner agencies Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Air Force, and Philippine Navy demonstrate their skills and training in Search and Rescue, from helicopter missions to on-ground operations.


Sky Diving is jumping from an aircraft thousands of meters above the ground before slowing down by means of a parachute. This allows the skydiver to control direction and speed and culminate the exciting ride with a perfect landing.

Tandem Skydiving

Experience the thrill of free falling with a skilled skydiver, who will guide you from the dive, through piloting the canopy, and finally the gentle landing. It’s a once in a lifetime thrill you don’t want to miss!

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Tandem Skydiving tickets must be purchased in advance. Ride ticket prices do not include entrance fees. A separate entrance ticket must be purchased as well.


VIP Lounge

Watching all the flying and on-ground action under the heat of the sun can get pretty tiring – which is why we prepared a comfy VIP lounge for guests who prefer to take a break from the heat without having to leave the fiesta grounds. A VIP pass includes: priority entrance to the fiesta grounds, complimentary use of the Balloon Launch Patio air-conditioned lounge, complimentary breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, afternoon high tea and all-day snacks and beverages. VIP tickets must be purchased in advance through our online portal.

Enjoy the fiesta in comfort!

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