Visitor’s Guide

Be properly prepared for the Fiesta and read through these frequently answered questions!


  1. Entrance Tickets — Where to buy them, and what discounts for children and senior citizens.
  2. Going to the Fiesta — Directions, Transportation, Parking, and Schedules
  3. Enjoying the Fiesta — What you can bring in the venue
  4. Safety and Security — Emergencies, and lost and found
  5. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Entrance Tickets

  • Where do I buy entrance tickets?
    Tickets will be available through our online portal starting December 15, 2017, and remain available until January 31, 2018, or at the Air Ads offices in Pasay City (please call ahead at 8512450). They will also be available at the gates during the fiesta, which are open from 4AM-6PM on February 8 to 11, 2018. VIP Passes may be purchased online or at the gates, subject to availability. Click here for full information on entrance tickets.
  • How much is the entrance ticket?
    General Admission tickets are P500 per person while the VIP Passes are P6,000 per person.
  • Do you accept ticket reservations?
    No ticket reservations are accepted.
  • Is the ticket transferable to another person?
    Yes, tickets bought from our online ticketing portal are transferrable but valid only for 1 person, for 1 day.
  • How much are tickets for children?
    Children below the height of 3 feet can enter for free. Standard ticket price applies for children above the height of 3 feet. Please note that the Fiesta venue is an open, unpaved airfield. Please be ready for your children to be under the sun in a crowded, dusty place. We would love for all children to experience the Fiesta fun, but we strongly discourage bringing your children with you if they are not in perfect health.
  • What discounts can senior citizens avail of?
    Senior citizens are entitled to a 20% discount by presenting the proper ID. Tickets have to be purchased at the gate for verification of senior citizen’s ID. Please note that the Fiesta venue is an open, unpaved airfield. Please make sure that your senior citizen companions are ready for and willing to be under the sun in a crowded, dusty place. Please do not bring your senior citizen companions with you if they are not in good health. The Fiesta grounds are not optimal for wheelchairs.
  • What about PWDs?
    PWDs also receive the discount stated by law by presenting the proper ID. Tickets have to be purchased at the gate for verification of PWD ID. Please note that the Fiesta venue is an open, unpaved airfield. Please make sure that your PWD companions are ready for and willing to be under the sun in a crowded, dusty place. The Fiesta grounds are not optimal for wheelchairs.
  • What if I don’t go? Can I refund my ticket?
    No refunds will be offered unless the Balloon Fiesta is cancelled. If the Fiesta is cancelled, refunds are equal to the face value of the e-ticket. You must claim your refund within three months of the date of the Balloon Fiesta.

Going to the Fiesta

  • Where will the Fiesta be held?
    The venue of the 22nd Philippine International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta is the Omni Aviation complex, along A. Bonifacio Highway, Clark Field, Pampanga. You can check the location in Google Maps.
  • How do I go to the fiesta?
    Please check our page for Directions to the Venue.
  • Which Fiesta day should I go?
    It really depends on what you prefer. On the first and second days because traffic is lighter than the weekend and the Fiesta isn’t as crowded, so the experience is fun but more relaxed. There are performers onstage for all four days, but the evening concerts are on the Saturday and Sunday. The Night Glow is also held on the weekend if the wind conditions are favorable.  On Sunday, there are also fireworks to close the Fiesta. Because of this and of freedom from work or school, the big crowds arrive on Saturday and Sunday. The weekends are especially lively and energetic, but please keep in mind that these are also the days when the crowd is thickest, and the traffic is heaviest!
  • What time should I be at the fiesta venue?
    The fiesta gates open at 4 AM. Remember to allot time for heavy traffic and queueing at the entrance gates! We recommend being there one hour before gates open. Please check our Official Program Schedule so you won’t miss the events you want to see! All events are dependent on favorable wind conditions, and the schedule may change without prior notice, for the safety and security of the crew and all the audience. Entry to the venue is allowed until 6 PM only.
  • Will there be a transport service to and from the city/hotel to the fiesta venue?
    The event organizers will not provide a transport service, but some establishments or hotels may provide this service for their patrons. Inquiries can be made with them directly.
  • Where can I park my car?
    Please refer to our Site Map. There will be parking attendants to assist you during the event. There will be a PWD/Senior Citizen a drop-off point for the convenience of your companions.
  • Is there a drop-off point for Seniors and PWDs?
    Yes. The drop-off point is marked with a huge banner, and is nearer the pedestrian entrance gates than the parking.

Enjoying the Fiesta

  • What are typical weather conditions?
    We hope for cool weather in the early morning and early evening. For the rest of the day, weather is usually sunny, but it’s also good to be prepared for some rain. The venue can get dusty during warm weather and muddy when it rains. The sun will be high in the middle of the day, so be prepared for heat!
  • What should I wear?
    Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended! Wear light clothing, sturdy but comfortable shoes. Skip the white shoes unless you’re okay with them getting dirty. Remember your hats, shades, and sunblock! Bring face masks or handkerchiefs, just in case of flying dust, too.
  • Am I allowed to re-enter the fiesta grounds after I have exited?
    Attendees who wish to exit the grounds and come back on the same day should have themselves marked with a stamp at the gates before leaving. No stamp, no re-entry. Please exercise patience if you happen to exit with a surge of people! We advise staying inside the Fiesta grounds in order to avoid getting stuck in traffic.
  • What is the best time to see the hot air balloons?
    Hot air balloons take off every morning at around 6:30 AM, depending on wind conditions. The next opportunity to see the balloons is in the afternoon at around 5:30 PM as they fly in, if wind conditions are conducive. The balloons will also be tethered on Saturday and Sunday night for the Night Glow, if wind conditions are favorable.
  • What are “favorable wind conditions”?
    Each aviation event requires different weather conditions. Good wind conditions for one activity may be bad for another! Hot air balloons, for example, require very specific weather conditions. They cannot inflate or fly if the wind is too strong, and they cannot fly if the air is too hot. Hot air balloons are best for winds of 6-8kph. If the wind reaches 18kph, it is very dangerous for pilots to inflate the balloons and would put the audience at risk. On the other hand, kites require stronger winds in order for them to fly!
  • Can we get close to the balloons and other aircraft?
    The entrance ticket allows you to enter the public spectator area and view the balloons and other participating aircraft from a safe distance. Only authorized personnel with ID’s are allowed to enter the restricted areas. There are static aircraft on display, though. These are the ones that you can approach and have photos with!
  • Can I ride the hot air balloons and other aircraft?
    Yes, tickets for discovery flights on balloons, tandem paragliding, and other aircraft will be made available on our online ticketing portal. Participants need to accomplish the necessary forms and purchase the ticket online to ensure their slot.  A safety briefing will be given before each flight. Flights will only be done if all safety conditions are met. If flights are cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions, a full refund will be given.
  • How do I get a photographer’s pass?
    You can take photos from anywhere in the Fiesta, but only holders of photographer’s passes are allowed to get into the launch area. Photographer’s passes are only issued to accredited publications and official media partners of the event. Click here to find out how to get a photographer pass.
  • Are food and drinks allowed inside the venue?
    Yes, but please make sure to keep the Fiesta grounds clean by not littering! Food and refreshments are also sold around the fiesta venue in the concessionaire tents and food booths. Bringing in of alcoholic drinks is not allowed. Glass containers, crockery and breakables are not allowed inside the Fiesta grounds.
  • Are alcoholic beverages allowed inside the fiesta venue?
    Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the concessionaire tents and booths can be consumed inside the fiesta venue.
  • Are there restrooms available inside the venue?
    Only portable toilets are available around the fiesta venue. We recommend bringing your own toilet paper or wet wipes! Please note that there will be no lavatories or diaper-changing facilities available.
  • Can we bring our own chairs inside the venue?
    Yes, but only foldable chairs are allowed inside. Monobloc tables and chairs are not allowed. You can bring your picnic mats!
  • Are there chairs available inside the venue?
    There are seats in the food court area. There are also seats available for VIP guests. For the rest of the public area, we highly recommend you bring your own foldable chair or picnic mats for you to rest in.
  • Who can stay at the air-conditioned tents?
    Air-conditioned tents with are reserved for special guests and VIP ticket holders.
  • Are there ATMs available inside the venue?
    No, there won’t be any ATMs available inside the venue, but there are nearby banks, convenience stores and gasoline stations around the area.
  • Are pets allowed at the fiesta venue?
    Pets may be brought to the fiesta venue, but owners should be responsible to clean up after them. Owners should also make sure that their pets will not be a nuisance to other fiesta attendees.
  • Can I bring my drone to the fiesta venue?
    The Fiesta venue is an active airfield. So for safety reasons, drones are NOT allowed during the Fiesta. Similarly, guests’ radio-controlled aircraft are not allowed, as well.
  • Can I bring my hoverboard to the fiesta venue?
    Hoverboards are NOT allowed in the Fiesta grounds for the safety of our guests.
  • Is smoking allowed at the fiesta venue?
     For safety reasons, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the venue.
  • Can we stay overnight in the fiesta grounds?
    No. The fiesta venue closes at 8:00 PM. Only authorized personnel with proper ID’s are allowed to stay in the fiesta grounds after hours.
  • Where can we stay overnight?
    There are a lot of hotels near Freeport Zone. You can try to Google “hotels near Clark Freeport Zone” or another similar search phrase. You may also check “hotels near Omni Aviation Complex” in Google Maps.

Safety and Security

  • Who can I contact in case of any emergency inside the venue?
    A public assistance desk at the Tower will also be available for any emergencies or concerns. Emergency numbers will also be posted around the venue. A medical team is always available to respond to any emergencies.
  • I can’t find my friends. Can I page for them onstage?
    No, sorry! Before going to the Fiesta, decide among your group where you could meet in case someone gets separated or lost. Make sure your children have some identification on them!
  • I can’t find my child/ I found a child who is lost. Where do I go?
    You may approach our public assistance desk at the Tower to make the announcements necessary.
  • Where do I claim a lost item or bring an item found in the area?
    You may approach our public assistance desk at the Tower to claim or surrender any items found in the fiesta venue. 

Balloon Rides

  • Can I ride a hot air balloon?
    Yes. We offer hot air balloon rides. Hot air balloon rides are only available through advance booking via our ticketing portal starting December 15, 2017 until January 31, 2018. Prices for the ballon ride tickets have not been set at this time. You will also need to purchase an entrance ticket.
  • Will the balloons fly every day?
    We have daily scheduled balloon flights. However, if the winds approach 10 knots (about 18Km/h), or if it rains, the balloon flights may be cancelled. Calm winds and clear skies are the best flying conditions.
  • How long does it take?
    Balloon rides can last from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on weather. The hot air balloons are allowed to fly within a set distance from their starting point, so if it’s a cool, calm, clear day, it can fly longer. Upon landing, you will be picked up by the chase crew and brought back to the Fiesta.
  • How many people can ride a balloon?
    Most balloons participating in the Fiesta have space for 2 pilots and 2 passengers. Hot air balloons have different capacities depending on their size and configuration. On the last Fiesta, we had several balloons that fit 12 passengers!
    The ticketing portal will allow you to reserve up to 4 people at a time. We try our best to ensure your group stays together, however, it is possible that we may have to assign members of your party to different balloons.


Adventure Flight or Discovery Flight – an introductory flight experience given to anyone interested in aviation

Chase Crew – a team in-charge of following the flight path of a hot air balloon and retrieving it from the landing site.

Formation Flight – a flight consisting of two or more aircraft in a certain flight formation, intended to showcase flying skill

Fly-By – a flight consisting of one or more aircraft intended to showcase flying skill

Night Glow – tethered hot air balloons burning together at night, often to the beat of music